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23 -24 May 2022, BALI

The Fifth Edition of the World Reconstruction Conference (WRC5)

Reconstructing for a sustainable future: Building resilience through recovery in a COVID-19 Transformed World

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Natural disasters destroy more property and kill more people with each passing year. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, fires and other natural events are becoming more frequent and their consequences more

Documents and publications

As un/natural disasters become ever-more frequent, aid dollars and development gains are being washed away. Catastrophe is no longer a brief dip on the curve of development but a danger to the process itself. The poorest of the poor are becoming more

People’s Process in Post-disaster and Post-Conflict Recovery and Reconstruction
Documents and publications
This guide presents a community-centered framework for recovery and reconstruction after disasters and conflicts, advocating for the involvement of affected populations in a seamless transition from emergency response to sustainable recovery efforts.

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国際復興支援プラットフォーム(IRP)は『Build Back Better(より良い復興)』に関連する知識の集約及び経験と教訓を共有するためのグローバルなパートナーシップです。

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