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Hurricane Ivan 2004 Grenada Preliminary Assessment of Damage
This report is filed as a preliminary assessment of the direct damage caused during Hurricane Ivan.
World Bank, the
This manual provides the technical information needed to support State authorities in the proper management of dead bodies in a disaster situation.
World Health Organization Pan American Health Organization
This study assesses the macro-economic and social effects of Hurricane Ivan on the performance of the Grenadian economy. The report undertakes a sector by sector analysis of the impact of Hurricane Ivan; an assessment of overall damages is then computed.
Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
This document is the result of a participatory process developed from April to December 2003, through national workshops and forums of analysis and proposals in the different countries of the Central American region.
Centro de Coordinación para la Prevención de los Desastres Naturales en América Central United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
This book describes the background of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and its damages; the major issues during the recovery process and possible solutions; the action plan for future community rehabilitation and the future needs of its implementation.
United Nations Centre for Regional Development
Gujarat Earthquake 2001 India Assessment Report
This report assesses damages and needs resulting from the earthquake that struck Gujarat, India January 26, 2001. It provides a preliminary assessment of damages, identifies needs for reconstruction and recovery, and outlines a recovery strategy.
Asian Development Bank World Bank, the
The report is a preliminary assessment of damages and needs resulting from the earthquake that struck the state of Gujarat, India, in 2001, which also tries to outline a strategy for implementing a recovery program.
World Bank, the Asian Development Bank
Hurricane Keith 2000 Belize Assessment of the Damage.png
This report assesses the impacts of Hurricane Keith in Belize from 30 September to 1 October 2000. It appraises the macroeconomic and environmental effects and presents a sector by sector analysis leading to an overall assessment of the damage.
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Floods and Cyclone 2000 Mozambique Preliminary Assessment of Damage.png
This document attempts to assess the cost of damages to the Mozambican economy, both at the sectoral level and overall from the flood and cyclone emergency of February -March 2000.
World Bank, the
This document outlines the likely impact of the 1999 Marmara earthquake on the economy and the cost of reconstruction and recovery. It also highlights the key issues that need to be addressed to reduce the costs of future natural disasters in the country.
World Bank, the