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Rising to the Call: Good Practices in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines
This book provides reference documents of good practices and integration and the use of local knowledge and action to mitigate the impacts of disasters.
Community-driven disaster intervention Experiences of the Homeless People's Federation Philippines Incorporated
This paper describes the experiences of the Philippines Homeless People’s Federation in community-driven measures to avoid disasters, in disaster preparedness and in disaster response.
中小企業BCP策定運用指針 第2版
「復旧・復興ハン ドブック」は、主に発災後の利用を想定して復旧・復 興に関する手順や参考情報を示したハンドブックであり、被災地方公共団体における迅速 かつ円滑な復旧・復興への取り組みを支援することを目的として作成したものである。
sierra leone 2017 pdna
This Damage and Loss Assessment (DaLA) covers the damage, losses, and recovery needs following the 2017 landslides and flooding in Sierra Leone.
Sri Lanka 2017 PDNA
This PDNA report covers the damage, losses, and recovery needs across various sectors following heavy rain and flooding in Sri Lanka in 2017.
Sri Lanka 2016 PDNA
This PDNA covers the damage and losses across various sectors following heavy rainfall and flooding in Vietnam in 2016. A recovery strategy proposing a long-term plan to strengthen the country’s preparedness for future disasters.