This paper proposes a methodology based on a multi-layer Monte Carlo simulation to model a two-stage recovery process for residential buildings: functional downtime due to delay and functional downtime due to repair. The delay portion of the model was

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This guide highlights key disability concerns to officials and experts responsible for emergency planning in their communities. It seeks to assist them in developing plans that will take into account the needs and insights of people with disabilities


In GriffithREVIEW edition 35 - Surviving:

Using as an example the 4 May 2007 tornado that levelling 95 per cent of the town of Greensburg, Kansas, and killing eleven of its fourteen hundred residents, this essay addresses the balance between the need

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This review analyses some of the major events and trends related to natural disasters and humanitarian disaster response and looks at the experience of developed countries with natural disasters in 2011.
Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Center