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COVID-19 Response and Recovery Guidelines ASEAN
The Guidelines were designed to support ASEAN Member States in establishing their regional and national transport connectivity recovery plans with a focus on resilience and sustainability.
Association of South East Asian Nations The ASEAN Secretariat
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This report aims to enhance coordination at the regional and national (international) level for achieving sustainable management of drought by considering the impact of drought on the livelihood of people, natural resources and ecosystem.
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
With the aim of continuing the momentum made by the ASEAN in over a decade on regional disaster management collaborations, the AADMER Work Programme 2021-2025 was developed based on the foundation laid out by the AADMER itself. It is guided by the vision set by the AADMER to “build a region of disaster-resilient nations, mutually assisting and complementing one another, sharing a common bond in minimising adverse effects of disasters in pursuit of safer communities and sustainable development”. For 2021-2025, the mission is to “enhance and support ASEAN’s disaster risk reduction and disaster management capabilities through inter-sectoral cooperation, capacity building, scalable innovation, resource mobilisation, new partnerships, and stronger coordination among ASEAN Member States”.
Association of South East Asian Nations

This guidance document is designed to complement Emergency Preparedness, which sets out how the duties under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA) and its supporting Regulations (Regulations) should be implemented. This guidance focuses on guiding

United Kingdom - government
Journey to recovery
Journey to recovery describes the collaborative approach being taken across Australia to recover from the devastating 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires.
Australia - government

SOP for heatwave has been developed by the District Disaster Management Authority of Gorakhpur with technical support from UNICEF, UP. In SOP, the roles & responsibilities of all the departmental stakeholders have been clearly identified & comprehensively

District Disaster Management Authority Gorakhpur

Between June 1 and August 19, 2018, the state of Kerala went through the worst ever floods in the state's history since 1924. One sixth of the population — about 5.4 million Keralites — were affected. Following the disaster, the Government of Kerala felt

Government of Kerala
This document is the third iteration of the Joint Strategic Plan of Action on Disaster Management (JSPADM III), which outlines ASEAN and the UN’s mutual intentions and commitments to continue to work together.
Association of South East Asian Nations United Nations - Headquarters
This document is designed to highlight the response and recovery activity in the immediate (September-November 2018), intermediate (December 2018-May 2019) and long-term (July 2019/202) with respect to the current Ambae Manaro volcano operation. This plan covers emergency response and recovery activities, including mass evacuation, across a range of sectors such as health, WASH, education and gender. It outlines the priorities and gaps, as well as financial requirements. In order for relocated communities to rebuild a sustainable future, this plan describes the economic and social effects of evacuation.
Vanuatu - government National Disaster Management Office (Vanuatu)
The Queensland State Disaster Management Plan outlines how Queensland will prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from disasters. It emphasises the need for consultation, collaboration and communications by all disaster management stakeholders to ensure all Queenslanders, property and the environment are safeguarded from the impact of disasters.
Queensland Government