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IRP collects news and organizes events to facilitate discussion on resilient recovery and building back better, including the annual International Recovery Forum.
More than three years after cyclone Idai and Keneth hit Mozambique in 2019, much of the country is still trying to recover. An example of such recovery taking place is being witnessed in the lower Beira corridor.
How a community recovers after a disaster like Hurricane Ian is often a “chicken and egg” question: Which returns first – businesses or households?
IRP Herald
IRP Herald Volume 36 is the knowledge report for the International Recovery Forum 2023: Building Back Better and Long-term Recovery Outcomes: Aspirations for a Resilient, Sustainable Future
IRP Herald Volume 35 summarizes recovery-related content from across the sessions at GP2022.
IRP Herald Volume 34 is the knowledge report for the IRP-supported technical sessions at the World Reconstruction Conference 5.