Cultural Heritage

Cultural and Historical Resources Recovery Planning in Puerto Rico
This report provides an overview of Puerto Rico's cultural resources and their importance, the findings from numerous rapid assessments of storm damage, and details for the recovery actions in Puerto Rico's economic and disaster recovery plan.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - Headquarters
Cyclone Winston PDNA
This PDNA covers the damage and losses across various sectors following Tropical Cyclone Winston that struck Fiji in 2016. A summary of recovery, reconstruction, and resilience needs are included in the report.
2011 Bhutan PDNA
This Joint Rapid Assessment presents an overall assessment of the damage and loss following the 2011 earthquake in Bhutan. A framework for early recovery, reconstruction, and disaster risk reduction is also presented in the latter section of this Assessment.
West Sumatra Earthquake 2009 Indonesia Damage Loss and Preliminary Needs Assessment
This report presents the assessment of the damage, losses and human recovery needs resulting from the earthquakes in West Sumatra and Jambi.
Earthquake 2009 Bhutan Joint Rapid Assessment for Recovery Reconstruction and Risk Reduction
This Joint Rapid Assessment presents preliminary cost estimates for loss and damage as a result of the 2009 Earthquake in Bhutan. It estimates recovery and reconstruction costs and identifies priorities for early recovery, reconstruction and disaster risk reduction, and a time-line for addressing them.
Tropical Storm and Floods 2008 Yemen Damage Losses and Needs Assessment
This report presents an estimation of the main effects of the disaster, including estimating (i) the value of physical assets that were totally or partially destroyed by the disaster; (ii) the losses in economic flows from the temporary absence of those assets; and (iii) the impact on economic development and social conditions.
Earthquake and Tsunami 2004 Indonesia Preliminary Damage and Loss Assessment
This document represents a preliminary assessment of damages and losses in Indonesia due to the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami.
PDNA Guidelines Volume B - Culture -EN
This guidance complements the Volume A Guidelines of the PDNA methodology, and aims to assist in carrying out a PDNA of culture sector in order to conduct an integrated assessment of the impacts of disaster effects on the sector, and to define the main lines of a recovery strategy that would incorporate DRR considerations.
IRP Herald Vol 28
IRP Herald Volume 28 serves as the knowledge report for the workshop “Towards Coherent Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy Development, Implementation and Monitoring among the SAARC Member States.