This policy brief presents the summary findings and policy recommendations produced in these two notes.
World Bank, the
Environment Sector DRF Guide
The DRF–Environment Guide is a companion to the main DRF Guide, with stepwise guidance on development of environmental recovery policy, team structure, stakeholders, etc. It walks through the process of establishing a comprehensive recovery framework.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
This review submitted for the MTRSF presents a stocktaking of progress and challenges experienced in the BBB component of Priority 4, and a prospective review of new and emerging issues, priority challenges to be addressed, and priority actions.
International Recovery Platform
The 4RF document provides programmatic priorities, policy framework, institutional arrangements, financing strategy, and implementation arrangements for resilient recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2022 floods.
Pakistan - government
Kobe, Japan
Closing date
The Asian Disaster Reduction Center is seeking to recruit a disaster recovery researcher to be employed at the International Recovery Platform Secretariat.
PDNA-DRF Case Study El Salvador
This case study seeks to analyse and document the contributions of the PDNA and DRF to post-disaster recovery in El Salvador, including its ability to be adapted through the CRNA and other tools to the El Salvador context.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters European Union