Social Impacts & Social Resilience

United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
Middle East Institute
Washington D.C.
COVID-19 Response and Recovery Guidelines ASEAN
The Guidelines were designed to support ASEAN Member States in establishing their regional and national transport connectivity recovery plans with a focus on resilience and sustainability.
2019-20 South Australian Bushfire Recovery Interim Report
This Report tells the story of the Yorketown, Cudlee Creek, Kangaroo Island and other fires in 2019-2020 and the achievements of the early recovery phase across the four domains of recovery: social, economic, built environment and the natural environment.
IRP Herald Volume 34
IRP Herald Volume 34 is the knowledge report for the IRP-supported technical sessions at the World Reconstruction Conference 5.
日本とUNDPアフリカ局: よりよい回復に向けたパートナーシップ
国連開発計画(UNDP)アフリカ局とアフリカ開発会議(TICAD)ユニットが共同で作成したこの年次報告書は、アフリカの20 カ国で実施されたUNDP と日本資金による総額4,000 万米ドルにのぼる26 件のプロジェクトの概要を紹介しています。また、本報告書では、新型コロナウイルスの社会経済的影響への対処による包括的かつ部門横断的対応への支援、強靭で包括的な社会の構築、平和と安定および平和維持活動、選挙支援という4 つのテーマのプロジェクトを網羅しています。
Japan and UNDP Partnership for Building Back Better- Annual Report of 2020 Approved Projects
This annual report provides an overview of the 26 UNDP-Japan funded projects implemented in 20 countries across Africa totaling USD 40 million.
WRC5 Joint Communique
The Joint Communique sets out the agreements reached at the conclusion of the 5th Edition of the World Reconstruction Conference on 23-25 May 2022 in Bali, Indonesia.
Cover of the DRRDynamics brief: dog sitting on a flooded street
This briefing note highlights the gaps which need addressing in policy and practice and provides key recommendations for policy makers in relation to the role of animals for disaster recovery in society, ownership and marginalised groups.
Cover and title of publication
This contributing paper examines the interplay between official adaptive social protection (ASP) and grassroots efforts based on a case study of the rural reconstruction and recovery that took place after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, China.
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
New York