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Case Studies on Institutional Arrangements for Recovery
These case studies describe institutional structures, legal frameworks, and management lessons gleaned from practical experience, providing recovery leaders with insights suited to their context, disaster scenarios, and institutional landscapes.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery - UNDP
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This contributing paper delves into the impact of a tsunami and the COVID-19 pandemic on the coastal tourism sector in Pandeglang Regency (Banten Province) in Indonesia.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Build Back Better 事例  スマトラ島沖地震 20150915.png
本事例では、インド洋沿岸諸国に未曾有の被害をもたらしたスマトラ島沖地震以降行われた避難行動の改善について、Build Back Betterの要素を踏まえた防災・減災対策を解説しています。
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