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2019-20 Black Summer Bushfires Recovery
This infographic shows the impacts of the 2019-20 Bushfires and the Australian Government's efforts to support the recovery.
Australia - government
Bushfire Recovery for Wildlife and Habitat
This infographic shows the overview of the Australian Government's efforts including impacts, funding and action, to support the recovery of its native wildlife and their habitats from the devastating Black Summer bushfires of 2019-20.
Australia - government
Restoring habitat for fire-impacted species’ across degraded Australian landscapes
This paper presents the findings of the restoration efforts to help species affected by the 2019-20 bushfires recovery and persist in burnt and unburnt habitat with approach highlighting the scale, costs, and benefits of targeted restoration activities.

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The Queensland State Disaster Management Plan outlines how Queensland will prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from disasters. It emphasises the need for consultation, collaboration and communications by all disaster management stakeholders to ensure all Queenslanders, property and the environment are safeguarded from the impact of disasters.
Queensland Government

The main objects of this Act are: (i) to help communities mitigate the potential adverse effects of an event, prepare for managing the effects of an event, and effectively respond to, and recover from, a disaster or an emergency situation; (ii) to provide

Queensland Government
The aim of this Plan is to minimise the effects of, co-ordinate the response to, and the recovery from, a disaster or major emergency affecting the community of the Cairns Regional Council.
Local Disaster Management Group – Cairns Region

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