11th annual emergency management higher education conference

Emmitsburg, Maryland
United States of America
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Emergency Training Center (NETC)

The FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) is hosting the 11th Annual by-invitation Emergency Management Conference for representatives of colleges and universities which (1) have an existing hazard, disaster, emergency management program in place, or (2) are attempting to develop and implement a hazard, disaster, emergency management program on their campus (e.g., a degree, certificate, minor, or concentration).
The primary purpose of the conference is to encourage and support inter-school dialogue on a variety of issues and problems related to hazard, disaster, emergency management higher education, as well as to facilitate direct dialogue between the emergency management higher education project and representatives of colleges and universities.
The primary goal of the conference is to provide a forum for collegiate faculty, administrators and students to network with each other and with representatives of Emergency Management Professional organizations which are also invited to the conference.

Note: Technologies as tools to support hazard mitigation, response, and recovery will be addressed in GIS in Emergency Management and Fundamentals of ArcGIS for Emergency Management workshops

Sample Workshop Topics: 2 June 2008
• ArcGIS Workshop
• EOC Simulation Exercise/Workshop
• “GIS in Emergency Management” Workshop and Breakout Session
• “Introduction to Teaching Emergency Management” Workshop
• NIMS Workshop
• Writer’s Workshop
• “Homeland Security Planning for Campus Executives” Workshop

Sample Plenary or Breakout Session Topics: 3-5 June 2008
• Accreditation of Collegiate Emergency Management Programs
• Catastrophe Readiness and Response
• Emergency Management Body of Knowledge Survey Results
• Emergency Management Curriculum Topics at Associate, Bachelors, Graduate Levels
• Emergency Management Higher Education Program Status Report 
• Emergency Management’s Role in Sustainable Communities
• Emergency Management Theory
• Flirting With Disaster
• Graduate Student Hazard, Disaster and Emergency Management Research Reports
• International Association of Emergency Managers Status Report
• IAEM Student Region XII Status Report
• Integrating Disaster Resilience into Traditional Academic Programs
• International Disaster/Emergency Management Perspectives
• Flood Risk
• How to Grow Your Emergency Management Program, Associate Level
• How to Grow Bachelor and Graduate Level Emergency Management Programs
• National Response Framework
• Presidential Candidates, Emergency Management and Disaster Policy
• Principles of Emergency Management
• Risk Assessment
• Social Problems Perspectives as an EM Hi-Ed Framework 
• Special Populations and the DHS Privacy and Civil Liberties Office
• Status of Emergency Management Higher Education Programs – Survey Report
• Taking Disaster/Emergency Management Campus-Wide
• Team-Based Learning
• Social Vulnerability Issues in EM Hi-Ed.

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