11th Durban Forum on Capacity-building: Capacity-building for integrating NDC implementation into national sustainable recovery plans

Organizer(s) United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


The overarching objective of the 11th Durban Forum on capacity-building was to facilitate the sharing of relevant knowledge, experience and lessons learned on capacity-building actions aimed at enhancing the alignment of NDCs and sustainable recovery efforts.

More specifically the forum aimed to explore and shed light on:

  • Key capacity gaps and needs that impede the coherent integration of NDCs into sustainable recovery plans;
  • How to build capacity for increased cross-cutting integration and coordination across different levels of government to promote better implementation of NDCs in line with sustainable recovery strategies;
  • Lessons learned from capacity-building for reducing data gaps to implement evidence-based public policies in the context of national development plans focused on promoting resilient recovery.
  • The outcomes of the forum will also inform related thematic discussions under the PCCB in the context of its 2022 focus area.