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17th annual severe storms and doppler radar conference

Organizer(s) National Weather Association


  • Tim Marshall will be giving the banquet talk on the challenges of distinguishing EF4 and EF5 tornadoes, and comparing the destruction between the April 27 and Joplin tornadoes.
  • Mitch Randles, the Joplin, Missouri fire chief, will talk about his response to the tornado aftermath while anguishing over the destruction of his fire station and home.
  • Several speakers will discuss the Joplin, Missouri event including Jeff Piotrowski on his chase into the city and rescue efforts immediately afterwards, and Bill Davis (NWS-SGF) on what it was like to have a worst case scenario unfold.
  • Several speakers will discuss the April 27 Super Outbreak including James Spann (ABC33/40) and Gary Dobbs (WAAY-TV) from Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Greg Carbin (SPC) will compare synoptic environments between the major tornado disasters of 2011.
  • Other talks will focus on Missouri river flooding, the St. Louis tornado, Iowa's July derecho, and dual-Pol radar.
  • Additional speakers will be announced in the future.

Schedule of Events

Session 1: Interactive radar/warning workshop
Session 2: Iowa's April 9 tornado event
Session 3: Tornadoes I
Session 4: Dual-pol radar
Session 5: Flooding
Session 6: Tornadoes II
Session 7: The Iowa derecho of July 2011
Session 8: The Joplin EF-5
Session 9: Poster session
Session 10: Broadcaster tape swap
Session 11: Other aspects of severe weather I
Session 12: The 2011 Superoutbreak
Session 13: Other aspects of severe weather II

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