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4th Asian ministerial conference on disaster risk reduction side event: A tool for better recovery

Organizer(s) Asian Disaster Reduction Center International Recovery Platform
Room 116 Song-do ConvensiA, 12:30-14:00

Risks must be prevented in the recovery process to avoid repeating the disaster. In this context, essential capacities to integrate disaster risk reduction - climate change adaptation (DRR-CCA) in recovery must be developed before a disaster occurs. Some countries have seized the opportunity to 'build back better' while others have unknowingly repeated the same vulnerabilities existing ex-ante.

To avoid repeating the same vulnerabilities, it is imperative to enhance capacities of government officials and other relevant stakeholders on resilient and sustainable recovery that takes into account climate projections or scenarios of future climate hazards.

Conscious effort to incorporate DRR-CCA in ex-post recovery provides an opportunity to build back better, reduce poverty and improve infrastructure and other engines of growth, hence, linking recovery with development. Building on the substantial experience of government officials, who are knowledgeable on how to seize the 'opportunity to build back better', could be one potential approach in improving DRR-CCA capacity in recovery.

Sharing their experiences and lessons with other countries could improve understanding and abilities on integrating DRR-CCA in the context of recovery. The IRP Side Event will explore and demonstrate how DRR-CCA could be possibly incorporated in recovery process, particularly by taking into consideration appropriate technologies, national policies, and community-based initiatives.

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