Training event
Irondale, AL
United States of America

Disaster recovery seminar ATC-45 Safety evaluation of buildings after windstorms and floods and ATC-20 Safety evaluation of buildings after earthquakes

Organizer(s) Structural Engineers Association of Alabama
In person
Alabama AGC Conference Center

The Structural Engineers Association of Alabama is pleased to announce the availability of these important customized training seminars. Recent disasters such as the tornados in Tuscaloosa, and
Joplin; floods throughout the nation; and earthquakes on both coasts, as well as in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and Japan have displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

These presentations have been customized for SEAoAL and will include photos of damage from these recent events. In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, structures need to be evaluated to determine whether they are safe to enter. ATC evaluation procedures are the internationally recognized standard for performing these post-disaster building safety assessments.

The ATC Field Manuals provide guidelines and procedures for conducting post-windstorm; post-flood; and post- earthquake building safety evaluations.

The purpose of these evaluations is to determine whether damaged or potentially damaged buildings are safe for use, or if entry should be restricted or prohibited. The Field Manuals give advice on evaluating structural, geotechnical, and nonstructural risks, and advice on how to rate the safety significance of certain types of damage.

In addition, the Manuals cover related topics of interest to safety personnel, including how to deal with owners and occupants of damaged buildings, and field safety issues.

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