Fostering innovation to drive sustainable & green post-Covid recovery of the MSME sector

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Objective of the webinar:

Discuss the role of innovation in enhancing entrepreneurship competencies, MSMEs business opportunities and their contribution into the green resurgence in UNECE region and SPECA countries. 


Issues to be addressed:

- The role of innovation in the post-COVID 19 resurgence with a focus on the MSME sector;

- Policy measures, key tools and good practices on enhancing the entrepreneurship - innovation nexus to facilitate post-COVID 19 resurgence in the UNECE region (perspectives of different stakeholders including governments, MSMEs and others);

- Main challenges faced by the MSMEs in their generation and productive use of innovation, including in the context of post-COVID 19 recovery and sustainable development;

- How the UNECE can further help to address these challenges?


Date and Time:

1 June, 2022, 11:00 - 13:00

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