International recovery forum 2010

Organizer(s) International Recovery Platform

Portpia Hotel


The International Recovery Forum is an annual event organized by the International Recovery Platform (IRP) to help ensure that disaster risk reduction approaches are systematically incorporated into the design of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery programs in accordance with the strategic goal of the Hyogo Framework for Action. The Forum provides an opportunity for policymakers and practitioners to get together and exchange experiences from recent recovery operations to address gaps in recovery practices and resources.

The central issue is how to improve recovery processes, where environment is both a driver of disaster (e.g. environmental degradation weakens resilience) and a casualty of disaster (e.g. impacts of relief and recovery operations to environment). Recovery processes must assure the sustainability of future generations' lives while reducing the risks to people today.

- Knowledge sharing on recovery operations
- Develop an agenda for recovery thematic area 2010-2011

The International Recovery Forum 2010 engaged with Governments that are recently affected by disasters and key regional and international actors involved in recovery operations to draw lessons and good practices and to translate these into sound guidance. The Forum contributed towards more coordinated actions on a number of key efforts by Governments to implement the Hyogo Framework for Action, particularly the implementation of integrated environmental and natural resource management approaches that incorporate disaster risk reduction.

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