International recovery forum 2012

International Recovery Platform

Kairaku Room, Kobe Portopia Hotel


Large scale natural disasters often overwhelm the capacity of governments, not only for effective response but for long term recovery and reconstruction as well. Recent experiences such as the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, the Haiti Earthquake of January 12, 2010, and the flooding in Pakistan clearly illustrate the need for surge capacity and ex-ante planning in disaster response and recovery.

This gap could be addressed through further strengthening of regional cooperation for recovery and reconstruction. Such a mechanism can contribute to reinforcing regional integration, sharing of experiences and transfer of expertise, setting and promoting best practices, defining strategies and action plans, joint implementation of projects on recovery, and strengthening the capacities of regional, national and local authorities.

Some of these actions are more efficient ex-ante rather than ex-post. Mandated to address gaps in recovery, the International Recovery Forum 2012 aims to explore mechanisms for regional cooperation for promoting resilient recovery and reconstruction. The Forum will aim to:

- Present experiences and lessons from recent recovery operations especially East Japan
- Discuss lessons from regional cooperation initiatives in the context of disaster recovery and reconstruction, with specific reference to:
• Knowledge management mechanisms
• Ex-ante capacity building for recovery planning
• Technology transfer for early warning, mitigation, preparedness, response

Conference Topics

- Financing Options for DRR and recovery planning
- Economics of Effective Prevention
- Components of Regional Cooperation Framework for Resilient Recovery
- Learning from Tsunami Disaster – Building Safe Society
- Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Efforts for the Reconstruction
- Lessons from the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Recovery Process
- Lessons from major Tsunami disasters in catastrophic disaster risk management
- Tsunami Disaster of the East Japan Earthquake and Issues in Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
- Mechanisms of Regional Cooperation: Experiences and Lessons on Recovery & Preparedness
- Strategy for Regional Frameworks
- Regional Initiatives and Frameworks for DRR and Recovery

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