Mobile workshop: earthquake in Southern California

Los Angeles
United States of America
California Institute of Environmental Design and Management
June 6-13

California Institute of Environmental Design and Management (CIEDM) will host a mobile workshop with a 7-person delegation from CCTV, Beijing, to develop 4 documentaries on the subjects of earthquake prediction, quake disaster reduction and recovery, green buildings and Arcadia EcoHome, and the research of CIEDM's Dr. Huang.

Dr. Huang will share his research “Urban Recovery Study of Northridge Earthquake, California” published in 1998 and brief the delegates the policies, regulations and implementations for the subject areas in California and Los Angeles then lead them to:

- Visits, including SCEC, Emergency Preparedness Department and Community Redevelopment Agency, city of Los Angeles;
- Attend public meetings and events including SCEC workshops, CD6 Emergency preparedness fair and Office of Community Beautiful Clean Out;
- Visit repaired buildings and recovered communities that suffered damages in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.

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