UNDRR ROAMC: Making cities resilient : Integrating multidimensional tools for local planning

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean


  • To present experiences of integrating climate adaptation tools, disaster risk reduction, territorial planning, and resilience building to strengthen and promote sustainable development at the local level.
  • Present experiences of collaboration between members of the regional coordination committee and other organizations associated with the MCR2030 initiative.
  • Promote the exchange of experiences that have advanced in integrating issues of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, environmental systems management, territorial planning, etc.


16.30 - 18.00


5 minutes: Opening remarks

  • Natalia Villamizar Duarte | UNDRR - MCR2030

10 minutes: Key Speaker "Integration of multi-dimensional tools for local planning".

  • Diego Aulestia, Head of Human Settlements Unit, Division of Sustainable Development and Human Settlements (DDSAH).

Presentation of experiences:

1) 12 minutes: ECLAC - UNDRR Collaboration.
Project: Opportunities for a more sustainable and low-carbon post-pandemic recovery in LAC: Technical Assistance for the implementation of Climate Action Plans for Latin American and Caribbean cities.

  • Estefani Rondón Toro, Climate Change Unit, DDSAH, ECLAC (8 minutes)
  • The case of Santo Domingo, Aline Luseaux, Consultant, UNDRR [TBC] (4 minutes)

2) 10 minutes: Mercociudades
Project: Strengthening the resilience of South American cities through decentralized cooperation.

  • Lautaro Lorenzo, Executive Secretary of the Mercociudades Network.

3) 10 minutes: CAF-UNDRR Collaboration
Project: Analysis, planning and implementation of joint actions to reduce disaster risk and increase climate resilience.

  • Oscar Guevara, Chief Executive Officer, Climate and Environmental Action Directorate, CAF.

4) 12 minutes: ECLAC - GCoM Collaboration
Project: Tools to accelerate the implementation of climate action plans in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Bruno Lana, Human Settlements Unit, DDSAH, ECLAC
  • Accelerating climate action in the region. Jordan Harris, Team Leader EU Support to GCoM Americas
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