Reopen, Recover and Resilience in Education: One Vision One Identity One Community Guidelines for ASEAN Countries
These guidelines are intended to help Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to reopen schools and keep them open for safe in-person education.
COVID-19 Response and Recovery Guidelines ASEAN
The Guidelines were designed to support ASEAN Member States in establishing their regional and national transport connectivity recovery plans with a focus on resilience and sustainability.
Compendium of good practice on post disaster recovery in the Latin America and Caribbean Region
This compendium presents good practices in post-disaster recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to spread and highlight the work and recovery processes taking place in different countries of the region.
A Guidance Note National Post-Disaster Recovery Planning and Coordination
This Guidance Note provides practical advice to UNDP Country Offices on how to design and implement recovery initiatives that will strengthen government capacity to lead and manage national recovery efforts in the early, medium and long-term.
ASEAN Disaster Recovery Reference Guide
The ASEAN Disaster Recovery Reference Guide (the Guide) aims to help the ASEAN Member States prepare for recovery, and deliver timely, efficient and effective recovery programmes.
practical lessons for recovery from the covid-19 pandemic
This publication offers a set of guiding, action-oriented principles and practical cases to support recovering communities as they plan and implement recovery.
COVID-19 Recovery Policy Brief
This brief is offered to define the COVID-19 recovery context and to supplement existing guidance with key principles and practices to guide recovery planning.
This is the cover of the publication.
The Planning Guide provides the rehabilitation and recovery framework, the rehabilitation planning process and plan structure, institutional arrangements for plan coordination, implementation mechanisms, and proposed monitoring and evaluation arrangements
predisaster recovery planning guide for tribal governments
The Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for Tribal Governments provides a basic framework and guidance for tribal leadership and stakeholders as they plan for recovery.
PDRP Guide State Govts
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designed this planning guide to help States and territories prepare for recovery by developing pre-disaster recovery plans.