A Guidance Note National Post-Disaster Recovery Planning and Coordination
This Guidance Note is meant to provide practical advice to UNDP Country Offices on how to design and implement recovery initiatives that will strengthen government capacity to lead and manage national recovery efforts in the early, medium and long-term.
ASEAN Disaster Recovery Reference Guide
The ASEAN Disaster Recovery Reference Guide (the Guide) aims to help the ASEAN Member States prepare for recovery; and deliver timely, efficient and effective recovery programmes.
practical lessons for recovery from the covid-19 pandemic
This publication offers a set of guiding, action-oriented principles and practical cases to support recovering communities as they plan and implement recovery. The principles focus on key cross-cutting issues for recovery such as building back better and greener, inclusive and people-centred recovery, and preserving development gains, among others. It offers a roadmap of options to guide recovery efforts, based on applied disaster recovery experience, and established methods and evidence.
predisaster recovery planning guide for tribal governments
The Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for Tribal Governments provides a basic framework and guidance for tribal leadership and stakeholders as they plan for recovery and recognizes that different tribes have different levels of capacity and different ways of planning.
PDRP Guide State Govts
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designed this planning guide to help States and territories prepare for recovery by developing pre-disaster recovery plans that follow a process to engage members of the whole community, develop recovery capabilities across State government and nongovernmental partners, and ultimately create an organizational framework for comprehensive State recovery efforts.
Handbook on Owner driven housing reconstruction
This Handbook serves to guide post-disaster housing reconstruction using an owner-driven housing reconstruction (ODHR) approach. It details the various processes, tasks and interventions involved in designing and managing ODHR programmes.
Handbook on Recovery Institutions
This guidebook is a planning tool for practitioners and policymakers who need to design, manage and assess recovery following a disaster. It describes institutional options, successful characteristics and management lessons based on real-world experience with disaster recovery operations.
The guide recommends the types of agriculture interventions to be implemented in the short-, medium- and long-term stages of recovery and reconstruction taking into consideration DRR and BBB aspects.
This guide is meant to be used after undertaking a Post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA) exercise. It aligns with the PDNA Guidelines for the estimated effects and impacts of a disaster on the cross-cutting ELSP sector, factoring in the assessed damage and loss to infrastructure, productive and social sectors.
This systemization prepared by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) compiles Good Practices on Post Disaster Recovery, to disseminate and highlight the work and recovery processes that are being carried out in different countries of the following regions: Africa, Asia, East Europe (ECIS) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).