Equitable Recovery Guide
This guide provides a framework and actionable strategies for local leaders to ensure an inclusive and equitable recovery process following a disaster, with a focus on addressing the needs of all community members.
Sectoral recovery capacity assessment
This document summarizes the Sectoral Recovery Capacity Assessment, a methodological approach to determine and analyze the capacity of key sectors to implement resilient and inclusive recovery projects in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.
The Strategic Planning for Recovery Director's Guideline
This product provides guidance to recovery managers, CDEM Groups and local authorities on strategic planning for recovery from emergencies.
Good Practices in Financing Recovery and Building Back Better
This recovery brief provides recovery practitioners with lessons and good practices on financing post-disaster recovery, recovery preparedness and building back better.
This document outlines UNDP’s approach to private sector recovery and development in crisis and post-crisis settings
This guidance note presents UNDP's updated approach to livelihoods and economic recovery programming in Fragile and Post-Crisis/Transition Settings (FACTS).
Cover ADB
This publication outlines why post-disaster needs assessments (PDNA) should provide comprehensive details of the economic and social impacts of disasters on countries to swiftly mobilize resources and support resilient recovery.
Reopen, Recover and Resilience in Education: One Vision One Identity One Community Guidelines for ASEAN Countries
These guidelines are intended to help Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to reopen schools and keep them open for safe in-person education.
COVID-19 Response and Recovery Guidelines ASEAN
The Guidelines were designed to support ASEAN Member States in establishing their regional and national transport connectivity recovery plans with a focus on resilience and sustainability.
Compendium of good practice on post disaster recovery in the Latin America and Caribbean Region
This compendium presents good practices in post-disaster recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to spread and highlight the work and recovery processes taking place in different countries of the region.

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