Small Island Mapping with UAVs
This report is intended for local technological agencies of island nations that work to operationalize UAVs as a standard data collection tool.
World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Open Data for Resilience Initiative
ASEAN_Reopen, Recovery and Resilience in Education Guidelines for ASEAN Countries
This policy brief aims to inform national-level policy decisions in the ASEAN around safe school reopening and operations, learning recovery, and continuity in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as any future emergencies/disruptions.
Association of South East Asian Nations The ASEAN Secretariat
Build Back Better: Guidance on Building Flood Resistant Homes
This document is a technical guidance to support in shelter and housing for recovery efforts from the 2015 Malawi Floods.
Global Shelter Cluster
Applying IRP Disaster Recovery Tools and Guidelines to Pandemic Recovery.png
This toolkit is a compendium of existing guidelines and tools to support countries and communities when they are ready to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. It supports recovering communities to "build back better" " build more resilient health systems, economies, and more just societies.
International Recovery Platform
This guide provides an overview of selected generally accepted practices and emerging new practices associated with managing disruptions and used variously within Australasia, USA and UK, which include: business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning, emergency management and business resilience, among others.
Standards Australia SAI Global Limited Standards New Zealand
This manual provides the technical information needed to support State authorities in the proper management of dead bodies in a disaster situation.
World Health Organization Pan American Health Organization