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This study proposes an analytical framework for urban disaster recovery and resilience based on social media data that can analyze short-term disaster recovery and assess disaster resilience from the perspectives of infrastructure.
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This contributing paper examines the interplay between official adaptive social protection (ASP) and grassroots efforts based on a case study of the rural reconstruction and recovery that took place after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, China.

This article focuses on decision making for retrofit investment of road networks in order to alleviate severe consequences of roadside tree blowdown during tropical cyclones. The consequences include both the physical damage associated with roadside trees

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Ecosystem‐based adaptation (EbA) is increasingly being used to reduce the impacts of climate change on vulnerable people and landscapes. The international EbA South project implemented EbA interventions across three countries

This article explores the spatial differentiation and integration between the post-disaster victims and the indigenous peasants 8 years after a rapid off-site resettlement oriented by governments in New Beichuan. Data were broadly collected from placement

This report identifies lessons from six countries that have faced significant disaster recovery challenges and employed different management approaches: China, New Zealand, Japan, India, Indonesia, and the United States.

The RAND Corporation has partnered with the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development to explore the role of Chinese and U.S. nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) — specifically, voluntary associations, philanthropic organizations

The publication showcases community initiatives from China (Sichuan), Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore to provide valuable lessons for the future.

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