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PDNA TC Kevin and Judy Vanuatu 2023
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This PDNA documents the impact that Tropical Cyclone Judy and Kevin have had on the people and economy of Vanuatu and also the recovery plan to transition Vanuatu back on its development pathway.
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This article reports on a decade of research undertaken by the author on the role of schools in disaster response and recovery across four different disaster types in five countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
National Disaster Recovery Framework An Approach to Risk Informed Sustainable Development
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The aim of this Roadmap to be a short, uncomplicated guide to the National Disaster Recovery Framework (for short, the NDRF).
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This report evaluates Oxfam America's program for "strengthening community preparedness, rapid response and recovery in Asia/Pacific Islands and Central America", implemented in two regional programmes (The Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, El

Vanuatu Recovery Strategy 2020-2023 TC Harold and COVID-19
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The aim of the Vanuatu Recovery Strategy is to support communities impacted by TC Harold and COVID-19, by providing a framework to recover, rebuild and emerge stronger and more resilient.
Vanuatu PDNA 2020
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The Vanuatu TC Harold and COVID-19 PDNA estimates the total compound impacts of TC Harold and COVID-19, identifies and quantifies needs across sectors, and supports the development of the Vanuatu Recovery Strategy 2020-2023.
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In this report five disaster risk reduction and early recovery interventions from the Philippines, Vanuatu, and Vietnam were assessed to identify which elements are likely to facilitate recovery from disasters. The research investigated “off-the-radar communities” which in this research are broadly defined as communities that are geographically or politically far from the centers of political power. 
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This paper highlights how governments and other actors can prepare for the governance challenges of disaster response, recovery, and reconstruction. It identifies two sets of enabling factors need to be in place before disaster events occur to help avoid

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