SOP for heatwave has been developed by the District Disaster Management Authority of Gorakhpur with technical support from UNICEF, UP. In SOP, the roles & responsibilities of all the departmental stakeholders have been clearly identified & comprehensively

The Queensland State Disaster Management Plan outlines how Queensland will prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from disasters. It emphasises the need for consultation, collaboration and communications by all disaster management stakeholders to ensure all Queenslanders, property and the environment are safeguarded from the impact of disasters.
A comprehensive plan that contains actionable recommendations both for rebuilding the communities impacted by Sandy and increasing the resilience of infrastructure and buildings citywide.
El objetivo principal del Plan es proporcionar al Municipio de Babahoyo y a las entidades cantonales una guía ágil para la actuación del COE en caso de presentarse una emergencia asociada a inundaciones, de manera tal que se supere en el menor tiempo posible la situación de crisis y se garantice la pronta transición al proceso de recuperación temprana y de planificación de la recuperación de mediano y largo plazo del territorio.

The main objects of this Act are: (i) to help communities mitigate the potential adverse effects of an event, prepare for managing the effects of an event, and effectively respond to, and recover from, a disaster or an emergency situation; (ii) to provide

The aim of this Plan is to minimise the effects of, co-ordinate the response to, and the recovery from, a disaster or major emergency affecting the community of the Cairns Regional Council.

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