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COVID-19 Recovery Needs Assessment (CRNA)

The COVID-19 Recovery Needs Assessment (CRNA) is a tool to help national governments to assess the social and economic impacts of COVID-19. It builds on the experience of over 70 Post-Crisis assessments undertaken within the partnership between United Nations, World Bank Group, and European Union under the 2008 Joint Declaration on Post Crisis Assessment and Recovery Planning. The methodology draws from the post disaster needs assessment and recovery and peacebuilding assessment methodologies. By bringing in key stakeholders, such as the EU, WB and other MDBs, bilateral donors, and civil society, under a coordinated and government-led process that does a macro, meso and micro analysis and develops recovery needs with costs, the CRNA can ensure alignment of the development community behind one comprehensive government-led strategy, which can be converted to common planning and financing outcomes.



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COVID 19 Recovery Needs Assessment Guidance Note
This note sets out a methodology to assist governments to assess the overall socio-economic impact of the pandemic, identify priority needs, and recommend institutional mechanisms and policy measures to be undertaken in support of the recovery.
United Nations Development Programme
COVID-19 Recovery Needs Assessment (CRNA) methodology Summary
This note sets out a methodology to guide UN, EU, WB and partners to assist governments in conducting socioeconomic impact assessments, tailored to the COVID-19 context and needs of individual countries.
United Nations Development Programme
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Recovery Needs Assessment for the Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Dominican Republic
This evaluation is intended to provide reliable and timely information to guide the formulation of short and long- term recovery strategies from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dominican Republic - government
COVID-19 and Tropical Storms Amanda and Cristobal 2020 El Salvador PDNA-CRNA
This analysis is part of the evaluation of the effects, impacts and needs El Salvador is facing due to the double incidence of the COVID -19 pandemic and the tropical storms Amanda and Cristóbal.
El Salvador - government
COVID-19 2020 Ecuador Socioeconomic Assessment COVID-19 PDNA
This report seeks to guide the public policy priorities and decisions of the national government, decentralized autonomous governments and all state functions, as well as the private sector and civil society, to work together to contain the economic downturn and protect the most vulnerable populations through a plan that contains immediate actions to reduce vulnerability and increase capacities and resilience in the short and medium term.
Ecuador - government
COVID-19 2020 South Africa Rapid Emergency Needs Assessment for the most vulnerable groups
This report is a rapid assessment of the needs created by COVID-19, and presents a framework to lift the bottom quintile of South Africa’s population from falling deeper into poverty, squalor, and exclusion.
South Africa - government United Nations Development Programme
COVID-19 2020 Azerbaijan Socio-economic Assessment for COVID-19
The Socio-economic Assessment for Covid-19 in Azerbaijan measures the effects and impacts of the crisis across key sectors and to provide the evidence base needed to formulate effective recovery policies and strategies.
Azerbaijan - government United Nations Development Programme