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Compendium of good practice on post disaster recovery in the Latin America and Caribbean Region
This compendium presents good practices in post-disaster recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to spread and highlight the work and recovery processes taking place in different countries of the region.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters

La finalidad de este material es específica y única: La Prevención de Desastres por tsunami, a través de conocimientos, del desarrollo de capacidades, valores, actitudes y hábitos, orientados a la realización de acciones adecuadas para la preparación ante

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - Headquarters Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil United Nations Development Programme - Peru Ministerio de Educación (Peru)

This brief provides an overview of challenges in disaster reconstruction and recommendations as they relate to recovery spending for the 2017 floods in Peru.

This document has been produced as quick, at-a-glance summary of a Zurich Flood Resilience

Practical Action Institute for Social and Environmental Transition - International Zurich Insurance Group Limited

DRR Community in Peru

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