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Cyclone Winston PDNA
This PDNA covers the damage and losses across various sectors following Tropical Cyclone Winston that struck Fiji in 2016. A summary of recovery, reconstruction, and resilience needs are included in the report.
Fiji - government Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
Fiji Tropical Cyclone Winston Disaster Recovery Framework 2016
This DRF will guide the planning and implementation of recovery programmes and projects, providing overall direction to individuals and organizations that have a role in recovery activities including government, the private sector, development partners, civil society and communities.
Fiji - government World Bank, the United Nations - Headquarters European Union Asian Development Bank Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Natural Disasters and Trade Study I
This report presents the impact of natural disasters on trade, providing findings on the frequency, risk factors and trade effects of natural disasters and examining the experience of six disaster-affected WTO Members across three different regions.
World Trade Organization

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