Disaster Reduction Alliance forum 2012: Disaster risk reduction symposium

Disaster Reduction Alliance
Hyogo Prefectural Government
Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute
International Recovery Platform

Each January, the member organizations of the Disaster Reduction Alliance (DRA) hold a variety of international symposia, conferences and other events. The present forum aims to raise awareness of disaster prevention from an international perspective by providing a simple explanation of the challenges of international disaster reduction and the role of DRA members. Additionally, the experiences of Kobe and Hyogo, the areas worst affected by the Great Hanshin Earthquake, will be related in a way that can only be done there.

This year's theme is 'Learning from the tsunami disaster: creating a disaster resilient society'. To help build a disaster resilient society in anticipation of future disasters like Tokai, Tonankai and Nankai earthquakes, participants will report on restoration and recovery efforts in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami, as well as share their experiences and lessons from major disasters in Japan and abroad.