Reconstruction in New Zealand Post 2010-11 Christchurch Earthquakes
This is report of a field trip to New Zealand to study recovery and reconstruction after the 2010-11 earthquakes. The aim was to learn lessons about the process to help improve information for decision-making in other places.
University of Cambridge
Tropical Cyclone Gita Kingdom of Tonga Rapid Gender Analysis: Sub-focus on Shelter and Food Security and Livelihoods
This rapid gender analysis is designed to provide initial information about gender roles, responsibilities, capacities and vulnerabilities of women, men, girls and boys, SOGIE and other marginalised people prior to and after TC Gita.
CARE International
ADB Resilient Infrastructure Project Snapshot Tonga Cyclone Gita Recovery Project
This report is a brief summary of Asian Development Bank's Resilient Infrastructure Project to support Tonga for its recovery from the 2018 Cyclone Gita.
Asian Development Bank
TC Gita Emergency Preparedness and Response A Comprehensive Review and Lessons Learnt
This review report is aimed to determine gaps, overlaps and successes within the cluster approach and leverage opportunities from lessons learned to enhance Tonga’s ability to respond effectively and minimise impacts in future events.
Tonkin + Taylor
Economic Impacts of Natural Hazards on Vulnerable Populations in TONGA
This document aims to capture the impact and vulnerabilities of different groups and sectors, including agriculture and fisheries, tourism, housing and settlements, low-income and informal workers, women, and youth to natural hazards in Tonga.
United Nations Capital Development Fund
Community Based Emergency Employment (CBEE) Report
This report presents the description of the Community Based Emergency Employment program (CBEE) including the monitoring of its progress, developed after Tropical Cyclone Gita hit and devastated Tonga in 2018.
Tonga - government International Labour Organization
ILO 45 years in the Pacific 1974-2019
This document is a selective and reflective documentation of the ILO’s work in the region, to illustrate the diversity, the ‘journey’, and some of the activities and achievements of ILO technical assistance in the Pacific over 45 years.
International Labour Organization
Pacific labour market review 2020
This report presents a baseline assessment of the labour market situation in the Pacific Island countries completed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
International Labour Organization
Cyclone Gita Recovery Project: Report and Recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors
This document describes the terms and conditions of a project that will support the efforts of the Government of Tonga to reconstruct and climate and disaster-proof the Nuku’alofa electricity network damaged by Tropical Cyclone Gita in February 2018.
Asian Development Bank
This document describes how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) enables Fiji and Tonga, pacific island states, to assess disaster and climate risk and rapidly identify damage to the environment in post-disaster situations.
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the