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This IDS Bulletin examines the link between short-term crises – and the humanitarian responses that follow – and adaptation to climate change. It represents a call for increasing engagement between humanitarian aid and climate change adaptation

This report aims to provide a thematic review on risk governance in Africa as a contribution to the GAR 2015. It identifies achievements, good practices, gaps and challenges against selected HFA indicators with a focus on disaster recovery.

This photo book presents UNDP's work with the Government and other stakeholders in Kenya to find and facilitate implementation of sustainable solutions to minimize disaster impacts in the country. Featuring several projects, it illustrates some of the

This background note addresses the cost effectiveness of investing in resilience when compared with approaches that rely exclusively on ex-post response and recovery, and the lack of funding towards disaster prevention and preparedness, which can build

To mark International day for Disaster Risk reduction (IDDR) 2012, Oxfam has published a new collection of programme insights papers bringing together experiences, lessons and good practice from Oxfam and its partners work in emergencies and on disaster

This report presents a system-level mapping and analysis of the performance of international humanitarian assistance. Section 4.3.2 focuses on preparedness, disaster risk reduction and the rise of resilience. This section highlights positives and

The overall aim of the training package is to increase awareness on natural hazards and disaster risk reduction (DRR) to key stakeholders with knowledge on disaster management to empower the actors to support their organizations in developing disaster

This PDNA report presents a quantitative estimation of the impacts of the drought in Kenya on socioeconomic development, and recommendations for recovery and long-term resilience-building.

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