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Cover Journal of Flood Risk Management
This paper argues that social media platforms present a significant potential of data sources to operationalize the provisions of the Sendai Framework.
Malawi Cyclone Freddy PDNA
The Malawi 2023 Tropical Cyclone Freddy Post-Disaster Needs Assessment report assesses the impacts of the disaster and provides recommendations for building back better in recovery and reconstruction.
Build Back Better: Guidance on Building Flood Resistant Homes
This document is a technical guidance to support in shelter and housing for recovery efforts from the 2015 Malawi Floods.
Malawi Floods and Rains Recovery Program: Floods and Rains
This case study is Catholic Relief Services' recovery program for Malawi floods and rains that occurred in 2015.
Malawi Floods ERL Implementation Completion Report (ICR) Review
This is a project completion report of Malawi Floods ERL project.
Co-production of recovery plans with the public is the focus of this week’s Manchester Briefing (Issue 33). The briefing identifies three core barriers to co-production (Pace, Distance [physical and social], and Complexity [of the context]) to provide a broad framework to facilitate co-production of recovery and renewal from COVID.
Lesson Learn from CARE's shelter responses to cyclone idai in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
This report reflects on CARE country offices' shelter work in response and recovery from Cyclone Idai and lessons learnt.
In this brief, we examine the impact of the floods on some of the poorest people living in Mangochi and Nsanje; the extent of the damage caused to their households; and the warnings and type of assistance received. We also investigate differences in the impact of the floods on households enrolled on Concern’s Graduation programme.

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