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Societal Impact Statement

Ecosystem‐based adaptation (EbA) is increasingly being used to reduce the impacts of climate change on vulnerable people and landscapes. The international EbA South project implemented EbA interventions across three countries

This Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) review is the first instance of the participating institutions assessing the demonstrated effectiveness of PDNAs as the practice has evolved over the 55 post-disaster assessments conducted since 2008.
2016 seychelles pdna
This PDNA provides a comprehensive assessment of the impact of Tropical Cyclone Fantala, which hit the Seychelles’ Outer Islands in 2016. A recovery strategy, which functions as an outline for a country-led recovery process, is included in this report.

This act sets out a comprehensive legal framework for disaster risk management. It designates the Division of Risk and Disaster Management (DRDM) as the national body for disaster risk management responsible for, among other things, the preparation of the

This report provides a detailed breakdown of economic losses and damage caused by severe flooding and landslides in the Seychelles, and the nearby islands of Praslin and La Digue, after heavy rains resulting from tropical cyclone Felleng on January 2013.

In the early stages of the tsunami disaster, regional coordination of logistics, procurement humanitarian coordination, information systems, resources allocation, and management were essential to respond to the vast needs throughout the tsunami affected

This report is the product of close cooperation between UNEP and national environmental authorities and experts. It provides a preliminary ground-level look at the tsunami’s impact on various sectors of the region’s environment. It highlights problems in need of immediate attention, underscoring the strong link between environment and sustainable livelihood and the need for improved early warning and disaster preparedness systems.

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