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This report focuses on the moderately, or less, affected districts; those in the ‘hit with heavy losses’, ‘hit’, and ‘slightly affected’ categories of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal. Comparing the grant disbursement data for the 14 most affected districts and the 18 moderately affected districts it is clear that there is a big difference in the progress between the two groups.
Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform
This article uses sentiment analysis (SA) to assess post-disaster recovery on the 10th anniversary of L’Aquila’s earthquake using Twitter data.
Earthquake Spectra (EERI-SAGE)
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国際復興支援プラットフォーム(IRP)は『Build Back Better(より良い復興)』に関連する知識の集約及び経験と教訓を共有するためのグローバルなパートナーシップです。


Recovery Help Desk: A service of the IRP, responding to requests for support with building back better in recovery from disasters.
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