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These guides support a consistent and coherent approach to the post-disaster assessment, provide an objective and comprehensive estimate of recovery needs, while facilitating quick decision-making and action

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PDNA is a government-led exercise, with integrated support from the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Bank and other national and international actors. A PDNA pulls together information into a single, consolidated report, information on the physical impacts of a disaster, the economic value of the damages and losses, the human impacts as experienced by the affected population, and the resulting early and long-term recovery needs and priorities.


Typhoon Ketsana 2009 Cambodia Post-Ketsana Disaster Needs Assessment Part I Main Report
The Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) evaluates the damages and losses from the impacts of Typhoon Ketsana, and addresses needs for recovery, resilient reconstruction and sustainable restoration of livelihoods of the affected population.
West Sumatra Earthquake 2009 Indonesia Damage Loss and Preliminary Needs Assessment
This report presents the assessment of the damage, losses and human recovery needs resulting from the earthquakes in West Sumatra and Jambi.
Earthquake and Tsunami 2009 Samoa Post-Disaster Needs Assessment
This Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) draws upon the findings of various assessments carried out in the immediate aftermath of the disasters and presents estimates for loss and damage as a result of the 2009 earthquake and tsunami in Samoa.
Earthquake 2009 Bhutan Joint Rapid Assessment for Recovery Reconstruction and Risk Reduction
This Joint Rapid Assessment presents preliminary cost estimates for loss and damage from the 2009 Earthquake in Bhutan. It estimates recovery costs and identifies priorities for early recovery, reconstruction and disaster risk reduction.
Hurricane Fay Gustav Hanna and Ike (Cyclone) 2008 Haiti Post Disaster Needs Assessment -FR
This Post Disaster Needs Assessment estimates the total damages and identifies immediate needs for rehabilitation and reconstruction in Haiti following the 2008 storms Gustav, Hanna, Ike and Fay.
Floods 2008 Bolivia Assessment of the Accumulated and Additional Impact Caused by La Nina
This Damage and Loss Assessment estimates total damage and losses caused by heavy rains that caused floods in Bolivia in 2007-2008
Tropical Storm and Floods 2008 Yemen Damage Losses and Needs Assessment
This report presents an estimation of the main effects of the disaster: the value of physical assets totally or partially destroyed; losses in economic flows from the absence of those assets; and the impact on economic development and social conditions.
Cyclone Nargis 2008 Myanmar Post Nargis Joint Assessment
This report describes the human loss and assessment of damage to physical assets, the subsequent losses sustained across all economic activities, and the impact of the disaster on both the national economy and household-level activities and well-being.
DLNA Madagascar 2008
The Government of Madagascar undertook a comprehensive damage and loss and needs assessment to ascertain the extent of the damages caused by the three consecutive cyclones in 2008, and to define a comprehensive and feasible recovery plan.
Bihar Kosi Flood Needs Assessment
This Needs Assessment guides the design and investment prioritization of the proposed Kosi Flood Recovery project. It provides a damage overview in key sectors to identify priority interventions and progress made.

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