9th International i-Rec Conference

Gainesville, Florida
United States of America
Information and Research for Reconstruction
University of Florida

The 9th International i-Rec Conference will be hosted at the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA from 5-7 June 2019 by the recently established Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience (FIBER).

In the context of massive global challenges caused by rapid human development, the 2019 i-Rec will address some of the most pressing but under-represented, misunderstood and divisive topics in disaster recovery and reconstruction.

This conference will break with traditional academic norms. It will feature interactive panels with a mixture of academic, media, activist and literary participants. Instead of only academic papers, we also invite participants to opt to write in media communication style (the Conversation, openDemocracy, Counterpunch, IRIN, PreventionWeb etc.) in less than 1000 words. We also invite submissions in the form of art, poetry, music, stories and design practice.

Conference Main Theme


It is clear that efforts towards disaster risk reduction are simply not stemming the tide of new risk being created as a crisis of inequality deepens, both between countries and inside borders. Despite international frameworks and good intentions, many scholars argue that planetary boundaries are rapidly being approached or exceeded and that natural systems simply cannot support “development” at the pace observed since the 1950s.  

The creation of risk seems to have become inevitable within our current political, economic and societal systems. Overconsumption and the accumulation of power and resources is promoted by design. The 2019 i-Rec will explore ways of disrupting this status quo, particularly focusing on disaster recovery and reconstruction when opportunities for change abound. Unfortunately, the most opportunistic at these times are the profiteers of disaster and we must take up the challenge of how to position ourselves for positive change at the necessary time.

The central theme of disrupting the status quo will be explored through the sharing of the diverse research and practice of the i-Rec community. In addition to presentations under the tracks outlined below, there will be interactive panels, debates, soapbox rants, games and film screenings!

Submit an abstract at the conference website! 

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