Post Disaster Needs Assessment(PDNA)-Bangladesh: floods 2022
Documents and publications
The Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) report for Bangladesh's 2022 floods aims to assess the cost and impacts of the damage and loss resulting from the disaster.
Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) Floods due to Hurricane Lisa in Belize
Documents and publications
This PDNA report for Hurricane Lisa in Belize details the damage and losses caused by the storm, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced disaster preparedness and resilience through integrated recovery efforts and risk reduction strategies.
Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Mocha, May 2023, Myanmar:
Documents and publications
This report summarizes the results of the GRADE conducted to assess damages following the impact of the extremely severe cyclonic storm Mocha in Myanmar in May 2023.
February 6th earthquake: Current situation analysis and needs assessment - Research report
Documents and publications
This study presents recovery needs assessment across selected sectors and presents findings on key challenges for recovery from the 2023 Turkiye-Syria Earthquakes.
Post Disaster Damages and Needs Assessment (PDNA): Needs for Building Back Better Initiative in Chitral after GLOF and Floods Extreme Events
Documents and publications
This post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA) for Chitral, Pakistan, following the July 2023 floods, identifies the damages and needs of affected communities, and provides recommendations for rebuilding and enhancing Chitral's resilience to future disasters.
Ukraine Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment 2023
Documents and publications
This assessment is part of an ongoing effort to take stock of Ukraine’s damage and losses from the war. It aims to assess the scale of economic and social needs for Ukraine’s survival during the war and it's prosperity afterward.
PDNA TC Kevin and Judy Vanuatu 2023
Documents and publications
This PDNA documents the impact that Tropical Cyclone Judy and Kevin have had on the people and economy of Vanuatu and also the recovery plan to transition Vanuatu back on its development pathway.
Malawi Cyclone Freddy PDNA
Documents and publications
The Malawi 2023 Tropical Cyclone Freddy Post-Disaster Needs Assessment report assesses the impacts of the disaster and provides recommendations for building back better in recovery and reconstruction.
Documents and publications
The Syria Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment assesses the impact of the February 2023 Turkiye-Syria earthquakes in the six most affected areas. It provides a preliminary estimate of infrastructure reconstruction and service delivery restoration needs.
Turkiye PDNA
Documents and publications
The recovery and reconstruction assessment presented here comprises of an assessment of the financial impact of the earthquakes which struck Turkiye and Syria in February 2023, applying modified PDNA methodology, and a “recovery vision.”

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