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The Government of Canada Adaptation Action Plan (GOCAAP) is the policy and program framework that shows how the Government of Canada contributes to achieving the goals, objectives, and targets laid out in the National Adaptation Strategy (NAS).
This Strategy is the product of two years of engagement with provinces and territories, Indigenous partners, key experts, stakeholders and partners across Canada.
Risk communications as part of the Local Resilience Capability is the focus of this week’s Manchester Briefing (Issue 37). The briefing explores the communication of risk before and during emergencies, and identify how two-way communications are central to local resilience capabilities.

This week’s Manchester Briefing summarises a further eight COVID-19 research topics, within three areas: Communities; Systems; Recovery, Renewal, Resilience Frameworks. These projects will contribute to an overarching project. The briefing share COVID-19

This week’s Manchester Briefing details some COVID-19 topics that are being worked on across three research areas: Communities; Systems; Recovery, Renewal, Resilience Frameworks. The briefing summarises six research topics and details how these aim to enhance understanding of Recovery, Renewal, Resilience in the context of COVID-19.
The Manchester Briefing on COVID-19 is aimed at those who plan and implement recovery from COVID-19, including government emergency planners and resilience officers.

This study presents a city-scale, data-driven model of multi-infrastructure recovery in a suburban municipality. The approach uses the Graph Model for Operational Resilience, a data-driven discrete event simulator that can model the spatial and functional

The study goal was to identify key decisions and actions critical to incident investigations using the 2014 crude MCHM chemical spill in West Virginia USA as a case study.

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