Beyond Recovery
This report details a framework for a hurricane recovery made up of 30 courses of action consistent with the government of Puerto Rico's priorities. These courses of action address key opportunities for enhancing resilience in Puerto Rico's water sector.
Modernizing Puerto Rico's Housing Sector Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria
Through a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the housing damage caused by the 2017 hurricanes, the authors make informed recovery recommendations for policymakers so they can repair and rebuild safe and affordable housing in Puerto Rico.
Public Buildings in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria
This report summarizes the information gathering and analysis that HSOAC conducted to support the public building part of the recovery plan from the 2017 Hurricane Maria.
Logistics Analysis of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico's seaborne logistics capacity is assessed in the context of the anticipated increase in imported materials and the need to transport large, heavy materials onto, and then around, the main island for recovery projects following Hurricane Maria.
Supporting a 21st Century Workforce in Puerto Rico
This document gives decisionmakers details on the workforce challenges in Puerto Rico prior to the 2017 hurricane season, and directly afterward and offers suggested strategies to design and implement workforce development programs and overarching system.
Municipalities on the Front Lines of Puerto Rico's Recovery
This detailed report focuses on the impact that Hurricanes Irma and Maria had on the ability of Puerto Rico’s municipalities to govern and deliver services to their constituents.
ReCAP21 Guide
This guide outlines three key entry points for local governments to move towards an urban transformation and a resilient recovery process, which is also green in nature, providing them with the practical support to identify comprehensive solutions.
COVID-19 Recovery Policy Brief
This brief is offered to define the COVID-19 recovery context and to supplement existing guidance with key principles and practices to guide recovery planning.