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Case Studies on Institutional Arrangements for Recovery
These case studies describe institutional structures, legal frameworks, and management lessons gleaned from practical experience, providing recovery leaders with insights suited to their context, disaster scenarios, and institutional landscapes.
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This study aims to test a methodology for teaching people about the characteristics of each post-disaster phase concerning road infrastructure and business continuity.
The Manchester Briefing on COVID-19 is aimed at those who plan and implement recovery from COVID-19, including government emergency planners and resilience officers. This week’s Manchester Briefing (Issue 41) examines Financial Technology (FinTech) and Digital Government as policy delivery tools during COVID-19 and how these tools may be used in recovery and renewal. 
Handbook on Recovery Institutions
This guidebook is a planning tool to design, manage and assess recovery following a disaster. It describes institutional options, successful characteristics and management lessons based on real-world experience with disaster recovery operations.
The main objective of the present work is to assess changes in vulnerability and, consequently, risk, considering a time-space dimension.

El presente trabajo analiza comparativamente dos procesos de recuperación de la normalidad posdesastre en el marco de la gubernamentalidad neoliberal. El primer caso es el terremoto-tsunami del 27 de febrero de 2010 en el centro sur de Chile, mientras que

This book looks at how nation's leaders, in government, business, religion, academia, and beyond, facilitated Chile's recovery. It argues that strong national leadership on the one hand, and deeply rooted institutional practices on the other played a key

This publication illustrates JICA’s efforts at mainstreaming disaster risk reduction (DRR) through its various programmes and initiatives. It offers a comprehensive cross-mixing of themes related to the Post-2015 Framework for DRR (HFA2) as well as the

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