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Recovery from Covid-19 in South Africa: A socio-economic analysis of pathways towards inclusive and sustainable growth
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This volume explores the socioeconomic challenges and opportunities facing South Africa as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, providing analysis of potential paths toward achieving inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the post-pandemic era.
IRP Herald 32
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IRP Herald Volume 32 is the knowledge report for IRP-supported sessions at the Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2021.
COVID-19 2020 South Africa Rapid Emergency Needs Assessment for the most vulnerable groups
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This report is a rapid assessment of the needs created by COVID-19, and presents a framework to lift the bottom quintile of South Africa’s population from falling deeper into poverty, squalor, and exclusion.
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This working paper analyses the objectives and rationale of tracking public investments on disaster risk reduction (DRR). The document also looks into the methodologies adopted for tracking public investments for various cross-cutting issues and reviews

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This report aims to provide a thematic review on risk governance in Africa as a contribution to the GAR 2015. It identifies achievements, good practices, gaps and challenges against selected HFA indicators with a focus on disaster recovery.
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This act provides for an integrated and coordinated disaster management policy in South Africa that focuses on preventing and reducing the risk of disasters, mitigating the severity of disasters, emergency preparedness, rapid and effective response to

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This research aims to develop a new model for disaster risk management funding in South Africa which included both disaster reduction and disaster relief and recovery components. It states that the current funding model for disaster risk reduction within

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This collection of good practices shows how building the capacity of local institutions is key to sustaining disaster risk reduction, and demonstrates the immediate impact of local and national political commitments.

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