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23 -24 May 2022, BALI

The Fifth Edition of the World Reconstruction Conference (WRC5)

Reconstructing for a sustainable future: Building resilience through recovery in a COVID-19 Transformed World

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Documents and publications
This book describes the background of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and its damages; the major issues during the recovery process and possible solutions; the action plan for future community rehabilitation and the future needs of its implementation.
Gujarat Earthquake 2001 India Assessment Report
Documents and publications
This report assesses damages and needs resulting from the earthquake that struck Gujarat, India January 26, 2001. It provides a preliminary assessment of damages, identifies needs for reconstruction and recovery, and outlines a recovery strategy.
Documents and publications
The report is a preliminary assessment of damages and needs resulting from the earthquake that struck the state of Gujarat, India, in 2001, which also tries to outline a strategy for implementing a recovery program.

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