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These guides support a consistent and coherent approach to the post-disaster assessment, provide an objective and comprehensive estimate of recovery needs, while facilitating quick decision-making and action

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PDNA is a government-led exercise, with integrated support from the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Bank and other national and international actors. A PDNA pulls together information into a single, consolidated report, information on the physical impacts of a disaster, the economic value of the damages and losses, the human impacts as experienced by the affected population, and the resulting early and long-term recovery needs and priorities.


Documents and publications
This Post-Flood and Landslide Needs Assessment (PFLNA) determines the impact of, and recovery and reconstruction needs following, the devastating floods that hit Myanmar in July and August 2015.
Documents and publications
This Rapid Damage and Impact Assessment was prepared following the devastating impacts of Tropical Storm Erika on August 27, 2015, to provide the Dominican government with a quantitative basis to design and build a comprehensive recovery strategy.
Cyclone Pam PDNA
Documents and publications
This PDNA covers the damage, loss, and needs across various sectors following Tropical Cyclone Pam. Key issues and challenges regarding disaster risk management in Vanuatu are identified in the report.
Mozambique 2015 Floods PDNA
Documents and publications
This assessment evaluates the impact of heavy rain and flooding on Mozambique’s population and infrastructure. It also provides advice on flood recovery and long-term disaster resilience in the affected areas.
Tblisi Needs Assessment
Documents and publications
This Assessment analyses the various key sectors affected by the flooding, while also providing recommendations for strengthening Georgia’s disaster risk management.
Documents and publications
This report describes in detail the damages, impact and strategy to rebuild and to rehabilitate better and safer the city of Chitral which was hit by worst floods during July-August 2015.
Solomon Islands Floods 2014 pdna
Documents and publications
This assessment covers the damage, loss, and needs across various sectors after the 2014 floods in the Solomon Islands. A section of the assessment provides the next steps for Building and Strengthening Urban Resilience (BSURE) Strategy.
Review of ECLAC damage and loss assessments in the Caribbean
Documents and publications
The objective of this study is to determine whether the assessments carried out by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on the impact of disasters over the past decade have been accurately captured.
Evaluation rapide conjointe suite à la catastrophe des 9-10 février 2014 aux alentours de Bujumbura
Documents and publications
The objective of this assessment is to determine the risk factors, damage and activities to contribute to the rehabilitation, reconstruction and safeguards of infrastructure following the floods of February 9-10, 2014 in Burundi.
2014 bosnia floods pdna
Documents and publications
The assessment provides estimates of losses in the aftermath of flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the loss of production, income, livelihood and employment. It includes guiding principles for disaster risk reduction and sustainable recovery.

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