Disaster Recovery Frameworks

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Disaster recovery frameworks enable countries to drive a process forward that unites all government, private sector, donors, development partners, and community efforts with a focus on building back stronger, faster and more inclusively over the short, medium to long term timeframes of recovery. The DRF helps in articulating a vision for recovery; defining a strategy; prioritizing actions; fine-tuning planning; and providing guidance on financing, implementing, and monitoring the recovery. Depending on the scale of recovery required, the framework should be developed within a month or max 45 days after a disaster, or ideally before a disaster occurs.

Expected outcomes of implementing recovery frameworks are:

  1. Informed institutional and policy-setting for recovery.
  2. Prioritization and programming based on an inclusive, transparent process that ensures participation of all stakeholders and uses national and international good practices.
  3. Effective coordination among all parties during the recovery and reconstruction processes.
  4. Comprehensive framework for recovery financing.
  5. Improved implementation and monitoring and evaluation systems for recovery programs.

DRF guidance and frameworks

Documents and publications
This case study aims to present the lessons learned from Lebanon’s Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (3RF) as an example of developing post-disaster recovery governance structures in a context of FCV, specifically under compounded crises.
Tourism Sector Disaster Recovery Framework Guide
Documents and publications
The Tourism Sector Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) Guide assists governments, the private sector, intergovernmental organizations and implementing partners to develop a sectoral DRF, comprising effective and efficient recovery programs for the sector.
Health Sector DRF Guide
Documents and publications
The Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) Guide for the Health Sector provides guidance on how to implement a comprehensive, integrated, and structured approach to disaster recovery
Documents and publications
The Balochistan Flood Recovery Plan (FRP) was developed in response to the devastating floods caused by torrential monsoon rains in Balochistan during the summer of 2022.
State of Kansas  Disaster Recovery Plan
Documents and publications
This document outlines the authorities, organization, and key processes for implementing Kansas’ disaster recovery strategy.
DRF Guide Energy Sector
Documents and publications
The DRF Guide for the Energy Sector is a companion to the main DRF Guide, with action-oriented guidance to develop a Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) for the Energy Sector comprising sector-focused effective and efficient recovery programmes.
Environment Sector DRF Guide
Documents and publications
The DRF–Environment Guide is a companion to the main DRF Guide, with stepwise guidance on development of environmental recovery policy, team structure, stakeholders, etc. It walks through the process of establishing a comprehensive recovery framework.
Maui County Recovery Framework
Documents and publications
This document serves as the Maui County Recovery Framework for the 2023 devastating fires and high winds impacting the Lahaina and Kula communities on August 7 and 8, 2023.
Documents and publications
The 4RF document provides programmatic priorities, policy framework, institutional arrangements, financing strategy, and implementation arrangements for resilient recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2022 floods.
Australian Disaster Recovery Framework
Documents and publications
The Australian Disaster Recovery Framework provides a high-level introduction to recovery principles and outcomes, information about the legislative context for recovery, and information about relevant national doctrine and policy.

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