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IRP provides recovery guidance and a comprehensive library of recovery resources to support the practice of disaster recovery and building back better.
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This report is the product of close cooperation between UNEP and national environmental authorities and experts. It provides a preliminary ground-level look at the tsunami’s impact on various sectors of the region’s environment. It highlights problems in need of immediate attention, underscoring the strong link between environment and sustainable livelihood and the need for improved early warning and disaster preparedness systems.
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This report has been prepared in response to General Assembly Resolution 60/15 of 2 February 2006 on “Strengthening emergency relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and prevention in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster”. The report provides a status update of the recovery process at the 18-month mark and seeks to identify some of the key emerging challenges and lessons learned in efforts to build back better. It examines successes and challenges in tsunami response, focusing on long-term recovery.
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Disasters by Design offers a way to view, study, and manage hazards in the United States that will help foster disaster-resilient communities, higher environmental quality, inter- and intragenerational equity, economic sustainability, and an improved

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This book examines the aspects of prevention, mitigation, and management of environmental hazards and disasters from an international perspective. In light of the recent debate on climate change and the possible effects of such a change upon increasing


This book presents a selection of examples and experiences of disaster reduction that responds to the need for identifying good practices and sharing experiences and information, identified by many - including Governments - during the preparatory process

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This manual has two broad aims: first, to promote the proper and dignified management of dead bodies, and second, to maximize their identification. Following disasters, implementing simple measures early on can significantly improve the opportunity for

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UNDP has been supporting various initiatives of the central and state Governments to strengthen the disaster management capacities for nearly a decade. UNDP proposes to accelerate capacity building in disaster reduction and recovery activities at the

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For as long as they have existed, cities have been destroyed--sacked, shaken, burnt, bombed, flooded, starved, irradiated, and pillaged--in almost every case they have risen again. Rarely in modern times has a city not been rebuilt following destruction

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