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Traditional Societies' Response to Volcanic Hazards in the Philippines: Implications for community-based disaster recovery
The present article addresses the Aetas' response to the 1991 Mt Pinatubo eruption and subsequent cultural changes, using the concept of resilience.
Mountain Research and Development
Mount Pinatubo Recovery Action Plan Long Term Report: Eight River Basins Republic of the Philippines Main Report Vol. 1
This Recovery Action Plan (RAP) evaluates methods for controlling the sedimentation within eight river basins and the higher risk of flooding due to sediment-clogged drainage channels resulting from the June 1991 volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo.
United States Army Corps of Engineers
Resettlers in Pampanga Are they finally settled
The study is an assessment of the past and present conditions of the lowland and upland Mount Pinatubo victims presently residing in the nineteen (19) resettlement sites in Pampanga, Philippines.
University of the Philippines
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 島根県
南海トラフ巨大地震により甚大な被害が予測される本町におきまして、日ごろの訓練の成果により町民のみ なさまが無事に避難されることを前提に、一日でも早く日常生活を取り戻すことを目指し、令和 3 年 3 月策定 の「太地町事前復興計画」をもとに、「復興後の太地のすがた」をイラストでお示ししたものです。
Build Back Better: Guidance on Building Flood Resistant Homes
This document is a technical guidance to support in shelter and housing for recovery efforts from the 2015 Malawi Floods.
Global Shelter Cluster
Malawi Floods and Rains Recovery Program: Floods and Rains
This case study is Catholic Relief Services' recovery program for Malawi floods and rains that occurred in 2015.
Catholic Relief Services
Malawi Floods ERL Implementation Completion Report (ICR) Review
This is a project completion report of Malawi Floods ERL project.
World Bank, the
Mitigation Assessment Team Report Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico Building Performance, Observations, Recommendations, and Technical Guidance
This assessment report is intended to provide decision makers, government officials, academia, homeowners, and business owners, operators among other stakeholders with information and technical guidance that can be used to reduce future hurricane damage.
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Housing Damage Assessment and Recovery Strategies Report Puerto Rico
This report culminates months of data gathering, strategy development, recovery priorities and potential strategies and the results of various community-level damage assessments in the aftermath of the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development